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Keeping journal reminds us what’s important

By Jim Turner | Aug 10, 2017

To the editor:

On our best days, it is always a good idea to keep a journal. It is as important to do it on our best days as it is on our worst. A journal can remind us what is important to us. What we are grateful for and what our ideals and values are. In other words, what matters most. And then on some other day when we are feeling discouraged, disillusioned and even cynical, we can look at that journal entry to inspire us, to motivate us and help us find our best self again.

In the musical “Man of La Mancha” (based on Miguel de Cervantes’s “Don Quixote”) Don Quixote becomes depressed and broken after years of following his heart, his dreams, and his highest ideals. He has decided to give up his quest. Dulcinea, his ideal woman, reminds him of his song. He resists, but she continues to urge him to sing his song … “but they’re your own words …”

“To dream the impossible dream, to face the unbeatable foe, to bear the unbearable sorrow, to reach the unreachable star.”

As he starts to sing his spirit soars, his confidence returns and he continues his quest.

We all have the answers to our life’s questions in our hearts. We have the answers to our problems. All it takes is the courage to believe one more time in what we once believed. What we ourselves once said or wrote. What our hearts told us was true.

This can be daunting in a world that seems impossibly difficult, cynical and demoralizing at times. But it is true. We do live in a beautiful world. Guided by love and faith we cannot fail.

Even in a world such as this, love and truth will always prevail. If we find the courage to keep our hearts and minds open, our heavenly father will never let us down. A daily journal will help us remember this. Give it a try.


— Jim Turner, Fairfield

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