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Kitchen fire destroys home

By Andy Hallman, Ledger news editor | Mar 01, 2018
Photo by: ANDY HALLMAN/Ledger photo A fire at 400 North D St. in Fairfield caught fire Thursday night and burned for about 20 minutes before firefighters could wrest control of it. The fire began in the kitchen, seen here on the right-hand side. Anthony Charles Fisher resided there.

A fire Thursday night in Fairfield left a two-story home uninhabitable.

The fire occurred at 400 North D St. at 9:22 p.m. Nineteen Fairfield firefighters responded. The blaze was so intense they had to call the Libertyville Fire Department for mutual aid. The firefighters put out the fire within 20 minutes, and were back in service around midnight. No one was injured in the fire.

The home belongs to Anthony Charles Fisher, who was the only one home at the time. Fisher said he was making french fries when grease splashed outside the pan, starting a fire on the stove that quickly spread to the cabinet above.

“From there, it really went,” he said. “There was no chance to put it out. My fire extinguisher is right by the stove, but with the stove on fire, I couldn’t get to it.”

Fairfield Fire Chief Scott Vaughan said grease fires spread quickly, and that’s why pans on the stove must be watched so closely.

Fisher grabbed his dog and carried as many family pictures as he could outside.

“By that time, the whole kitchen was on fire,” he said. “There was almost nothing I could save. My insurance papers were right above the stove, too.”

Fisher said an insurance adjuster planned to meet with him today. He also has a cat, and the cat escaped the fire without injury.

Fisher said it’s fortunate in a way that the fire occurred with only one person at home. His girlfriend was out of town.

His granddaughter had planned to visit him today. He shuddered to think what would have happened if she had been inside.

“I probably would have gotten burned getting her out,” he said.

The American Red Cross put Fisher up at a hotel that night. He had a chance to survey the damage this morning, and found almost nothing was salvageable.

“Right now, I’ve got two shirts and a pair of jeans,” he said.

He’s also unsure of what happened to the pictures he saved that night. He brought them outside, but hasn’t seen them since.

Fisher said he plans to live out of a motel until he can find further accommodation. He asked that clothing donations be sent to the VFW in Fairfield. He said he would especially appreciate a nebulizer, a device that administers medication in the form of mist inhaled into the lungs.

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