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Labyrinth lit for nighttime walkers

Apr 19, 2013

The community labyrinth provided by the First United Methodist Church is continuing to evolve.

Because the labyrinth, just north of the parsonage at the corner of Court Street and Hempstead Avenue, is open for anyone to use at any time, the church trustees have installed a light to accommodate those who walk during the dark.

According to labyrinth walker Gene Copeland of Fairfield, labyrinths are an ancient tradition.

Labyrinths were installed in the floors of the great gothic cathedrals, the best known of which is Chartres Cathedral just outside Paris, continued Copeland. Plus, labyrinths are laid out in “thin places,” as Celtic Christians called those spots where the material and spiritual touch each other.

A labyrinth is not a maze. It is an ancient tradition enabling one to enter into the experiential that many seek in their busy, outer directed and over-intellectualized lives.

Copeland said there is no one prescribed intention or way to be present in it.

In addition to the labyrinth at the United Methodist church, there are three more in the Fairfield area.

One is at the Crooked Creek Christian (Mennonite) Church Camp north of Brighton. Another is a moveable, rollout labyrinth at the First Presbyterian Church, and one is at the local Waldorf School.


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