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Lee County Sheriff shares his two cents on upcoming jail bond

Jul 26, 2017

Dear Friends:


As your Sheriff to the south, I couldn’t help but provide you all with a little (unsolicited) information before your vote for the new Jail and Sheriff’s Office Aug. 1. We, too, in Lee County had to go to the polls in the not so distant past to do the very same thing. The Lee County vote passed with over an 80 percent approval rate.

The sentiment in Lee County was “it simply needed done”. Crime rarely, if ever slows, construction costs never decrease with time and existing buildings begin to crumble as do very expensive environmental systems and roofs. They “nickel and dime” you to death …

We have enjoyed the space provided by our taxpayers down here for nearly 10 years. The extra space in the jail allows us to separate inmates to keep fights at a minimum and allows us the opportunity to classify inmates within our building, to protect them and the staff.

The new Jail has also helped keep our staff safe, with strong, safe doors and windows. Video cameras are everywhere so inmates have a hard time getting away with mischief, like destroying our building, thus protecting the taxpayer’s investment.

Finally, I would like to say that transporting inmates on the road is dangerous. The less an inmate is outside of a correctional facility, the better. There is always one who is willing to hurt others to escape. We avoid this at all costs.

My purpose isn’t to scare you, it is to let you know that this decision has had to be made all over Iowa. I know many people in your County and they are sick of the trends with the way crime has gotten worse with time. We are with you Henry County; we are tired of it as well.

The difference is, Lee County did something about it. Will you?



Stacy S. Weber,

Lee County Sheriff

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