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Let’s hold city administration accountable

By Kevin Keating | Feb 27, 2014

To the editor,

To me, James Lee Elliott’s recent letter about the pool/gym proposal was on target regarding the need for administrative accountability.

Swimming almost daily at the indoor pool, I see the need there:

1. A highly dependable, a.m. lifeguard of 20 years, and great at monitoring operations, was reassigned … to the streets department.

2. Since then, a repairman has been coming almost daily, occasionally with a crew, to repair things ... for the past 10 months.

I don’t buy it. And I ask our city administrator, “When a home-repairman can’t repair something in a timely fashion, and finds endless repairs to fix, don’t homeowners call in someone else?”

So why not call the pool equipment-manufacturer’s tech-support expert? And have this repairman, your staff, and the expert talk together, using camera-phone and speaker-phone features to show and discuss problems?

3. The aquatic director has a policy to allow only pool staff, but prohibit the public, to teach private swim lessons. Yet, such private lessons are taught daily by private instructors in the nearby weight-training rooms.

To me, such dual-standards block good recreational opportunities for the very taxpayers who fund these facilities and programs.

4. Some months ago, I provided a name and phone number to the Parks and Rec director, suggesting he contact solar-panel installers for potential money savings of thousands of dollars each year on heating and electricity.

As of Feb. 14, when I forewarned him of this letter, the 2-3 minute schedule-an-estimate phone call had not been made.

5. Only three of the five mayor-appointed Park and Rec board members have rec memberships. And, in a recent 14-month time-span, three monthly board meetings were not even held due to ... lacking a quorum of board members.

6. Some time ago at a council meeting, our mayor gave an award to lifeguards who pulled a drowning swimmer off the bottom ... after a youngster alerted the two guards.

To me, the youngster deserved the award.

I’ve noticed guards sit and visit while on duty. To me, that is dangerous because lives are at risk (and we’re lucky a costly liability suit didn’t result).

I’m glad Mr. Elliott noted two classic voter-manipulating techniques: the “But it’s for the children” guilt trip, and the “we gotta hurry and decide now or we’ll lose out” ploy.

To me, our children will benefit by seeing good models of government management to learn lessons about being responsible.

Finally, God bless you, Fairfield Ledger, and all local papers of America, whose letter-to-the-editor format helps us promote our collective well-being. Keep it up.


– Kevin Keating, Fairfield


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