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Let state, feds know you support clean energy

By Philip and Jean Kern | Mar 16, 2017

To the editor:

My name is Philip Kern. My wife is Jeannie Kern. We are 20 year-plus residents of Fairfield.

About 30 Years ago, we were both a part of one of the largest solar installation companies in the U.S. That company and many others were legislated out of business, within barely one year!

In spite of that, we have both had a strong interest in creating and maintaining a cleaner, safer environment for our planet Earth.

So, folks, please, please take this message seriously. This is a warning to the people of Iowa!

Since we have already watched once, the big oil/power company orchestrated a takedown of the solar and renewable tax credits.

We urge every Iowan who wants a clean energy future to beware.

Pending right now is a proposal, by an under-the-radar, back-door maneuver, to emasculate the energy credits that are written into Iowa law.

I sadly watched as California (and the rest of the United States) had their burgeoning clean energy programs destroyed in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Result? China, Europe, India and Asia have become world leaders in the potentially huge solar and photovoltaic technology markets.

And we are years behind other countries, and have lost tens of thousands of jobs. So this is a special note to those hard working Americans who struggle every month with energy and gasoline costs.

How would you like to have the sun pay your fuel bill 100 percent, for your quiet running electric car? And also, pay most of your home's heating bill? Every year ??

This is exactly what people all over the world are finding possible.

Denmark just had its first day on 100 percent renewable energy. Germany has nearly 60 percent of its energy/heating costs being met by renewable industries. India and China are making huge strides forward in their renewable energy goals.

But sadly, in the United States, we are still relying on oil, gas, and coal, and we even have to buy most of our solar products from Germany and China.

But this sad situation does not have to be the case if we let our representatives know what we want and then demand it!

If you would like to have clean skies and the sun producing your automobile fuel and much of your home's electricity also, let your congressman and President Trump, and Mr. Pruitt, the new director of the EPA, know in no uncertain terms by phone, letter, or email.

You can also go to www.saveiowasolar.org for further ideas and info.

This is a critical time for our state and our country. To have things change, we all must do our part, now, and make our voices heard.



– Philip and Jean Kern, Fairfield

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