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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 22, 2017

Libertyville part of Trojan family

By Susan Carr | May 11, 2017

To the editor:

May is a great month of celebrations, especially in schools … days winding down, kids winding up! During my teaching years, the last month of classes was special – time spent recognizing student accomplishments and appreciating those who helped along the way.

It is also a time for goodbyes and moving on. There were two especially difficult endings for me – as a teacher at both Lockridge and Lincoln Elementary when those buildings were closed. Bittersweet moments being thankful for the people and memories I would hold forever in my heart … yet wondering where life would take us.

So, dear Libertyville community (including my precious grandchildren and their parents), I empathize in the joy and pain you must feel of loving and losing a close-knit school family. After almost 30 years in education, I claim no words of wisdom, just a bit of reflection.

Remember that you are also part of a larger school, the Trojan family. The teachers in our two small schools always worked hard to make sure students identified themselves as an important part of this Trojan family and Fairfield community. Some classes joined other schools in field trips, exchanged penpals, shared assemblies and combined activity nights – all efforts that united schools and kids. It’s wonderful those kinds of things continue to happen.

Subsequent to closing the school, a plan was designed whereby children of like elementary grades will be housed together. For those that are angered, recognize that solutions are not easy. There is also great difficulty in turning away from neighborhoods and families you have grown to love.

We all realize no school will ever meet perfect standards. I believe that our Trojan community will grow better and stronger – if families remain dedicated and determined to help make the change they want to see. In each building you find exceptional and caring staff.

Wonderful parent groups and volunteers are abundant. Generous business and community people lend support for every school activity imaginable. Altogether, that makes a great team.

This is not an attempt to simplify or judge a complicated issue – change is often necessary for moving forward – merely a plea to the entire community of coming together for the benefit of the deserving students we serve.

Many people could be more involved – myself included (making that pledge here and now)! Educating our children is the single smartest investment in our future. We have arrived at a turning point in the Fairfield School District – survive or thrive? I wonder how each of us will respond.

“Fairfield Trojans, hats off to thee, loyal and true to you I will always be. We will fight for honor and might …” All stakeholders must commit to positive involvement in support of our schools. Perhaps next May we can claim a celebration of strength in unity.


– Susan Carr, Fairfield

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