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Libertyville to bypass water main break

By ANDY HALLMAN | Apr 23, 2013

LIBERTYVILLE – The city of Libertyville is still dealing with a water main break that occurred Thursday.

The city is under a boil order because of the drop in pressure created by the main break. Libertyville Mayor Rod Nelson said this morning the city is running a water main from Cedar Creek north of town to bypass the broken main between Cedar Creek and the town. Cedar Creek supplies Libertyville with water.

Nelson said the main break has been located but it will be several days before the problem is fixed and the boil order can be rescinded.

“Once we restore water pressure to the tower, we’ll have to do water tests and then we can take the boil order off,” he said. “We’re anticipating having a temporary water line in today and repairs made to the system. Then it boils down to how fast the labs can do the bacteria tests on our water.”

The boil order has touched every building in the town, including the elementary school. Elementary principal Jeff Eeling said today bottled water is being trucked to the school since the drinking fountains have been taken out of service.

The children are eating off paper plates rather than their normal trays. Eeling said the boil order requires the school to boil its water before washing dishes. He said that is a burdensome task for 85 students, so the school elected to use disposable plates and cups instead. Eeling said the school is prepared for the boil order to last the rest of the week.


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