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Library Memorials

Dec 26, 2012

The Fairfield Public Library recently recelived several memorials and gifts.



Judy Ann Bailey, given by Roxie Skaggs, “Essential Eliot” (book on CD) by Eliot; and “The Voice of a Poet” (book on CD) by Eliot.

Judy Bailey, given by Anonymous, “The Dust Bowl” by Burns.

Alta Bangert, given by daughter Barbara Bloom, “All About the States” (DVD); “Discover the World: Provence” (DVD); and “Over Alaska” (DVD).

Mildred Hill, given by friends and alumni of Victory No. 8 School, “The Runaway Dolls” by Martin and Godwin.

Becky Kann, given by Kathy and Francis Horn, “Titanic: Voices from the Disaster” by Hopkinson.

Wanda Richmond, given by friends and family, “Fodor’s New Orleans 2013” by Fodor’s; and “Fodor’s San Francisco 2013” by Fodor’s.

Dean Schafer, given by friends and family, “The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Skills” by Cassell.

Frankie Schaub, given by Fairfield Women’s Club Literature Department, “Fields of Corn” by Price; “Hills of Wheat” by Price; and “Mrs. Kennedy and Me” by Hill.

Stu Zisman, given by Susan Jatkowski, “Homeland, Season 1” (DVD).



Given by Allen Crandall, “The Forgotten” by Baldacci.

Given by Joanna Johnson, “Bloodline” by Francis.

Given by Margaret Dwyer, “Notorious Nineteen” by Evanovich.

Given by Mike Tinker, “The Last Man” by Flynn.

Given by Roseann Swink, “Notorious Nineteen” by Evanovich.



Given by Dave Randall, “Criminal Minds, Season 7” (DVD); “Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Series 4” (DVD); “Leverage, Season 3” (DVD); “NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 3” (DVD); “Page Eight” (DVD); and “Psych, Season 6” (DVD).

Given by Fairfield Iowa Nine Eleven Truth Awareness Society, “Operation Terror” (DVD).

Given by Roseann Swink, “A Witch Before Dying” by Blake; “Bookmarked for Death” by Barrett; “Bookplate Special” by Barrett; “Buried in a Book” by Arlington; “Deadly Patterns” by Bourbon; “He Loves Lucy” by Donovan; “It Takes a Witch” by Blake; “Mistletoe and Mayhem” by Kingsbury; “Murder is Binding” by Barrett; “Peril in Paperback” by Carlisle; and “The Walled Flower” by Bartlett.

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