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Library receives donations

Feb 20, 2018

Fairfield Public Library received donations in January.



Given by Joanna Johnson, “Unbound” by Woods.

Given by Roseann Swink, “Promise Not to Tell” by Krentz.

Given by Sally Johnston, “Enchantress of Numbers” by Chiaverini.



Given by Carol and Jan Messer, “Christmas Bliss” by Andrews; Firefly Lane” by Hannah; “Indigo Lake” by Thomas; “Leaving” by Kingsbury; “Murder, Served Simply” by Alan; The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster” by Wilbanks; “Yours and Mine” by Macomber.

Given by Joanna Johnson, “Carnegie’s Maid” by Benedict; “Nightblind” by Jonasson; “The Girl in the Tower” by Arden; “The Music Shop” by Joyce; “The Strays” by Bitto; “The Wicked City” by Williams; “The Woman in the Window” by Finn.

Given by Joe Mandarino, “A Conjuring of Light” by Schwab; “A River in Darkness” by Ishikawa; “Age of Swords” by Sullivan; “All Systems Red” by Wells; “Beneath a Scarlet Sky” by Sullivan; “Borne” by Vandemeer; “City of Miracles” by Bennett; “Eleventh Grave in Moonlight” by Jones; “Feversong” by Moning; “Fire and Fury” by Wolff (two copies); “Home Fire” by Shamsie; “Indelible Ink” by Kluger; “Iron Gold” by Brown; “Jefferson’s Daughters” by Kerrison; “Kings of the Wyld” by Eames; “Love and Other Consolation Prizes” by Ford; “Love, Hate & Other Filters” by Ahmed; “Raven Stratagem” by Lee; “Red Sister” by Lawrence; “Rich People Problems” by Kwan; “Seven Surrenders” by Palmer; “Silver Silence” by Singh; “Sins of Empire” by McClellan; “Six Wakes” by Lafferty; “Sourdough” by Sloan; “Still Me” by Moyes; “Tell Me More” by Corrigan; “The Almost Sisters” by Jackson; “The Fate of the Tearling” by Johansen; “The Fifth Season” by Jemisin; “The Fourth Monkey” by Barker; “The Leavers” by Ko; “The Monk of Mokha” by Eggers; “The Night Bird” by Freeman; “The Obelisk Gate” by Jemisin; “The Punch Escrow” by Klein; “The Stars are Legion” by Hurley; “The Stone Sky” by Jemisin; “The Witchwood Crown” by Williams; “This Will Be My Undoing” by Jerkins; “Waking Gods” by Neuvel; “When” by Pink; “White Hot” by Andrews; “Without Merit” by Hoover.

Given by Mark Shafer, “Was it by Chance?: Memoir of My Life” by R. Keith Shafer.

Given by Mary Morris, “Block: Holiday Vol. 4, Issue 4” by Missouri Star Quilt Co.; “Block: Winter, Vol. 4, Issue 6” by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Given by Rotary Club of Fairfield, “Let the Children March” by Robinson.

Given by Sally Johnston, “Prairie Fires” by Fraser.

Given by Scott Krause Insurance, “Alias, Season 4” (DVD); “Alias, Season 5/Final” (DVD).

Given by The Bunco Babes, “Charlotte and the Rock” by Martin; “Chimpanzees for Tea!” by Empson; “Dragonwatch” by Mull; “Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected Package” by DiCamillo; “Love” by de la Pena; “My First Book of Arabic Words” by Kudela; “My First Book of Polish Words” by Kudela; “My First Book of Spanish Words” by Kudela; “Peck Peck Peck” by Cousins; “Rosie Revere, Engineer” by Beaty; “Saturday Night Sleepover” by O’Connor; “Shy” by Freedman; “While You Are Sleeping” by Johnson.

Given by The Goris Family, “The Crown, Season 1” (DVD).



In memory of Roy Billingsley, given by Jennifer Anderson’s Book Group, “Country School” (DVD); “Good Apples” by Futrell; “MacArthur’s Spies” by Eisner; “The Saboteur” by Kix.

In memory of Donna Coop, given by friends and family, “Dark in Death” by Robb.

In memory of Ellen DeLashmutt, given by Ernest (Lindsay) DeLashmutt, “Star Trek: Next Generation, Season 1” (DVD); “Star Trek: Next Generation, Season 5” (DVD).

In memory of Ellen DeLashmutt, given by Lindsay DeLashmutt, “A Call to Conscience” by King Jr.; “A Knock at Midnight” by King Jr.; “Human Planet” (DVD); “Martin Luther King, Jr. -- I Have a Dream” (DVD).

In memory of Mary “Catherine” Kann given by Jefferson County Chapter of Iowa Retired School Personnel Association, “Star Finder” by Aderin-Pocock.

In memory of Marvin L. Septer, given by Jefferson County Chapter of Iowa Retired School Personnel Association, “Maker Lab” by Challoner.

In memory of Betty Topping, given by John Topping Sr. Family, “Hope in the Holler” by Tyre.

In memory of Dorothy E. Yazawich, given by Mary Yazawich, “Dickensian, Season 1” (DVD).


Wishtree Gifts

Given anonymously, “Indian Summers, Season 2” (DVD).



For information about presenting memorials and gifts to Fairfield Public Library or becoming involved in its adopt-an-author, adopt-a-magazine or wish-tree programs, call 472-6551.

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