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Library to showcase local authors

By ANDY HALLMAN | Apr 08, 2013

The Fairfield Public Library will host a series of talks by local authors all next week.

The event is the First Annual Local Authors Exhibition, which starts 7 p.m. Monday, April 15. For the first four nights of that week, from Monday through Thursday, a different group of authors will speak on a different subject. The final speaking engagements will be 1 p.m. Saturday, April 20.

Following is a list of the themes for each day:

April 15: poetry on the prairie

April 16: kids’ corner

April 17: health and fitness

April 18: dating and relationships

April 20: open mic

Fairfield Public Library director Rebecca Huggins said Fairfield is home to more than 100 published authors. Local authors’ books can be checked out at the library.

Slobodan Dumuzliski organized the local authors exhibition. He said the objective of the exhibition is to promote local authors and encourage budding authors in the community. The event also will serve to educate people on a particular topic that interests them such as health or relationships.

Dumuzliski envisions four or five authors will speak each day. After all of them have spoken for the day, they will take questions from the audience. Dumuzliski anticipates the evening events will last two hours. The open mic scheduled for April 20 is expected to last three hours.

“Our goal is to give everybody a taste of what the authors have to offer,” he said.

For each day, an author or multiple authors will be in charge of facilitating discussion.

Freddy Fonseca and Rustin Larson will facilitate the first evening, “Poetry on the Prairie.” Monday’s event also will accent music and dancing.

Kids’ corner will be led by Jessi May, who organizes children’s events at the library. Linda Egenes will lead the panel on health and fitness. Diane Denbaum will be in charge of the panel on dating and relationships.

Dumuzliski said he has not lined up anyone to lead the open mic event, although he is hoping someone will volunteer to do it. He said topics for that day will include self development, fiction, travel, science and more.

Dumuzliski said he organized the local authors exhibition to showcase one of Fairfield’s greatest strengths – the creativity of its people. He chose to hold the event in the library because of its rich history. The library was the first Carnegie library west of the Mississippi River.

“If you go to the library, you’ll see it’s a very active place,” he said. “You’ll see kids playing games, old people reading books, people searching for things on the Internet. It’s a big asset to the community.”

Dumuzliski said he wanted to separate the authors based on what they wrote about. He picked topics that would attract as many people as possible.

“Poetry is a hot topic in town,” he said. “Some people here are very successful poets.”

He said Farifield also is known for people who are very conscious of their health and fitness, so that was another easy choice for a topic. He said relationships are important no matter what city you’re in, so that was another topic that was given its own day.

Dumuzliski said he knows of at least 100 published authors in Fairfield and suspects the number could be as high as 200. He meets authors at Toastmasters, at the tennis courts and at coffee shops.

“I spoke to several authors about this opportunity and they were all excited by it,” he said. “They told me if I didn’t do it, it wouldn’t happen.”


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