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‘Life Before Fairfield’ screening Saturday, Sunday at Sondheim

Aug 22, 2017

A free screening of the documentary “Life Before Fairfield” will be at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center’s Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts.

“Life Before Fairfield” is a 50-minute documentary film about life in Fairfield and Jefferson County before the arrival of settlers. It details the history of the land, as well as the huge animals and native peoples who once lived here before first contact with the Europeans.

Experience the impact of the Great Glacier that covered almost half of the state of Iowa thousands of years ago and how the subsequent ice melt impacted much of what is now Jefferson County. Explore the huge mammals, such as huge tigers, giant ground sloths, bears, mammoths and the American Bison that roamed here. Hear in-depth interviews of everyone from local artifact hunters to state archaeologists and expert paleontologists. Tribal historians reveal the lives of the Ioway and Meskwaki tribes — the native peoples who once occupied this land until the time the Europeans arrived before it became known as Fairfield. Hear the languages they spoke, see how they lived and discover the legacy they left behind.

The film showings will be followed by question and answer opportunities with the director and experts.

Fair Field Productions, a local nonprofit educational organization, is partnering with Fairfield Media Center to produce this film series about the history of Fairfield and the Jefferson County area. The eight-part Fairfield History Series is being produced and directed by Dick DeAngelis with FMC’s Jason Strong as the director of photography. Editing is by Los Angeles-based and Fairfield-raised Geoff Boothby with sound mixing provided by Tim Britton. All music in the film is performed by musicians closely connected to the Fairfield area. These films were shot entirely in 4K by aerial photographer Rene Holmberg and other local camera people, including Werner Elmker.

The free screening of “Life Before Fairfield” is sponsored, in part, by the Fairfield Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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