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Logan Apartments resident concerned

By Norma Bauman | Nov 01, 2012

To the editor:

As we all know, our mayor is requesting funding in the amount of $3 million to finance a new pool and recreation center for our city. Please vote no on Measure A on Nov. 6, and do not support this funding request.

My home is in Logan Apartments here in Fairfield. Almost every resident at Logan is originally from Fairfield. We have seniors and disabled people living in Logan, and many of us know Logan as our only home.

The mayor has stated that if he receives the funding requested in Measure A, the $3 million, he would then use this money as “leverage” to get the additional nine million dollars for the two proposed projects — the pool and recreation center.

One “leverage” idea the mayor is working on is the sale of our home, Logan Apartments. He has already told the tenants that any worries we have about a sale are premature! Can you believe it?

The city, after 30 years, finally put a new roof on our building, and added new windows, as well. The building is also the only profitable piece of property the city owns. This begs the obvious question: why is the city even thinking about selling Logan?

Also, remember: if the sale is completed, the mayor can spend the money any way he sees fit since the money goes into the general fund, not a special account.

Now, is this really what is best for us — your neighbors, friends, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and grandmothers and grandfathers — as well as you, the taxpayers?

Please think about us before you vote on Nov. 6. Vote no and help us keep our home.


— Norma Bauman, Fairfield

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