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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 19, 2017

Lord’s Cupboard gets 390-pound donation from neighborhoods 

By By DONNA SCHILL CLEVELAND, Ledger staff writer | Nov 16, 2012

Inventory at the Lord’s Cupboard saw a boost this week of 390 pounds from 65 homes in town thanks to the creativity of two residents living on Highland Avenue.

Each holiday season, Ric and Patty McCurren’s thoughts turn to helping those less fortunate than themselves. Ric McCurren, who is a Fairfield agent for State Farm, used to work for a food pantry in Colorado.

“’Tis the season to try and give some food,” he said.

Last year Patty McCurren, who owns Magic Mirror Beauty Shop in Richland, vowed to give something each time she walked by a Salvation Army stand.

“This year, I was just trying to think of something I could do that would be different,” she said.

When the couple heard The Lord’s Cupboard and its clients were feeling the effects of the economy, their motivation grew.

“I heard they were hurting,” she said. “Rather than just me giving, I wanted to do something bigger.”

She soon conceived of the Highland vs. Maple Holiday Food Drive, pitting the neighboring streets against each other in a competition to collect food to give to the town’s emergency food pantry. She said Maple Street was a natural choice, since it was equal in length and ended at the Fairfield Golf & Country Club

The McCurren’s visited The Lord’s Cupboard to share their idea, and said staff and volunteers “were really excited about it.” Volunteers shared a list of items most needed for their annual Christmas boxes, providing families with dinner and other special items.

The McCurren’s proceeded to make fliers and visited each home on their street. Mary Stecker, a friend living on Maple Street, took on the role of enlisting help from residents in her neighborhood.

“We had a great response,” said Ric McCurren. “People know the economy is down and thought it was a good cause.”

Patty McCurren said it was especially rewarding to meet all of her neighbors.

“I met so many nice people,” she said.

The couple offered to pick up and hand deliver the food on Monday when many people were home for Veterans Day. Patty McCurren said elderly residents especially appreciated the assistance.

“We all want to do something, but sometimes it gets by us and we don’t get it done,” she said. “Maybe if people hear about this, someone else will have the idea, ‘We could do that too.’”

While both streets are celebrating the success of the food drive, the winner remains unclear. Ric McCurren reported Highland Avenue donated more pounds of food, while Maple Street had more contributors. As far as the McCurren’s are concerned, it’s safe to call it a win win.



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