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Love your neighbor as yourself

By Bob Klauber | May 01, 2014

To the editor:

Regarding the planned Heartland Coop grain processing plant, I believe everyone understands that it would benefit some, while causing harm to others. In a democracy, what is a just tradeoff?

Farmers, who generally deserve better rewards for their efforts, would gain (and everyone I know supports farmers). Those living near the facility would lose the tranquility, and financial value, of homes they have worked long and hard for. All living within a certain distance would be subject to respiratory health issues (as has been documented elsewhere) and unnerving noise levels.

I wonder if each of us, particularly the country supervisors, should be asking the following questions.

First, to provide incremental benefit to a minority (farmers constitute 6 percent of county population) should the homes, quality of life, and health of even one of our neighbors, let alone a significant number, be sacrificed?

Should incremental benefit even to a majority justify such action?

Finally, should a corporation be entitled to do so?

I submit that the answer, in each case, is no.

Jesus said “‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than this.” Would any of us want Heartland right next door to our home? If so, and if you live well outside the city, then please invite them to build near you. If not, then please do not support laws or entities that force your neighbors to have done to them what you would not want done to yourself.


– Bob Klauber, Fairfield

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