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M.U.M. campus expands by 99 acres

Dec 10, 2013

Maharishi University of Management’s 270-acre campus was recently expanded by 37 percent due to a donation that allowed the purchase of 99 acres immediately west of campus. The land borders the Fairfield Loop Trail that runs along the horizon.

The land was purchased years ago by the family of former M.U.M. Trustee Stuart Zimmerman and was recently placed on the market. Having long realized that this parcel would be crucial to campus expansion, M.U.M. moved quickly to purchase it.

A generous donation by M.U.M. Trustee Ramani Ayer and his wife Louise funded the purchase.

The land had already been included in the university’s long-term master plan, which shows it being used for new buildings and for a possible solar array that would power campus.

According to Craig Pearson, M.U.M. executive vice president, the southern portion of the land has a slope that complies with Maharishi Vedic architecture and is suitable for new construction. The north portion of the land has a slope well suited to solar panels.

Power lines limit the use of some of the land, but Pearson said if that land is needed, the lines could be buried underground.

He said the land also could be used for organic farming.

“There are many possible uses for this land, and it’s good that we now own it so that we can use it depending on what need arises,” Pearson said.

He also said the university was eager to purchase the land to avoid it being used for conventional farming, which could have entailed the use of toxic chemicals next to campus.

Discussions for possible uses have included a massive solar array that would generate between 4.5 and 5 megawatts of power, enough to provide electricity for the whole campus.

Used by permission of The Review, a Maharishi University of Management electronic newsletter.

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