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Make vote count to change government

By Jim Morrow | Nov 01, 2012

To the editor:

Texas Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, but more importantly, We the People, have been cheated of a most important right — the right to vote and peacefully change our government to better serve us. The theft started with “First in the Nation - First in Fraud” Iowa Republican Caucus, and culminated in brazen outright crime at the RINO convention in Tampa.

An August USA Today poll found that 90 million eligible will NOT vote, citing among their reasons, corruption, lack of any real difference between the parties, and the fact that nothing ever changes.

Realizing that despite his many promises of hope and change, “Barack Obama” in fact continued or expanded the policies of the Cheney-Bush Junta — war and torture abroad, police state and bankster bailouts at home — even staunch Democrats began calling him President Blackbush.

Millionaire Bishop Willard M. Romney, the anointed of Sheldon Adelson and the Likud branch of the Israeli Lobby, demonstrated that his only real debate “competition” with Lord of Drones, President Blackbush, is who will be the Zionists’ greatest lackey. And this is the “choice” that their Establishment media gives us?

For those of us who put our country first, our only act of conscience is the Write In Revolution for Ron Paul (and for me — Des Moines native, West Point graduate, family film maker and American Third Position Party presidential nominee Merlin Miller for Vice President.) If you feel, as Patrick Henry said in his famous speech, that “whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it,” then please visit CountryAboveParty.blog.com where you’ll find out how to really make your vote count for something this year.


— Jim Morrow, Fairfield

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