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Man accused of tampering with police video

Jun 10, 2013

CORALVILLE (AP) — Authorities have accused a Coralville man of tampering with an interrogation camera that recorded several important interviews, including a confession.

The Coralville Police Department said David Rose, 35, put a piece of paper over an interrogation camera and disconnected a microphone following his interview with officers in May, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported.

The result was a black screen with no sound, said Detective Jeffrey Barkhoff. Officers conducted four interviews before realizing the tampering.

Lt. Shane Kron said officers didn't immediately know there was a problem because they don't use a screenshot when recording.

“The only indicator that it wasn't working was going back and looking at the video,” he said.

Rose faces four aggravated misdemeanor counts of obstructing prosecution. He had been arrested on May 8 for felony burglary and theft charges.

Police said it's unclear at this point what the implications will be of losing the videotaped confession in the separate case. The man who made the confession has been interviewed again, but additional information was not available.


"Only the judge can decide how important it was that we lost that video," Kron said. "We do interviews all the time out in the field that aren't recorded. It's nice to have a recording, but it's not essential to make a case."


But Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness said a recorded confession is important.


"There's usually less argument about what was said by the suspect if we have that recorded," she said.


Court records do not list an attorney for Rose.

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