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Mark Chelgren responds to biography change

By Rod Boshart, Gazette Des Moines Bureau | Mar 02, 2017

OTTUMWA – Ottumwa Republican Sen. Mark Chelgren is rejecting allegations that he inflated his resume and was surprised it caused an inquiry from NBC News – who took issue with a reference to an online biography that was later deleted.

Chelgren’s biography page on the Iowa State Republicans’ website listed a “business degree” from a “management school” that turned out to be a certificate he received from Forbco Management school as part of his past employment as an assistant manager with a Sizzler restaurant as a young adult growing up in California.

From there, Chelgren earned an associates degree in science at Riverside Community College and studied astrophysics and geophysics at University of California in Riverside.

His online biography stated last week he had “a degree in business management from Forbco Management school.” That sentence has since been deleted. Chelgren told reporters Wednesday he would have the references restored and considered the issue much ado about nothing.

“I think it’s kind of trivial so I kind of laugh at it,” he said. “I’m kind of perplexed about what the concern or the consternation is.” As a young adult in California, Chelgren said he got a job at a Sizzler restaurant and worked for the chain for two years. “I had to work for six months at the Forbco Management school, taking classes during the day, working in the evening, for me to get my degree in order to advance in their company,” he said.  “All I can tell you is that NBC called me, asking about the Republicans’ website because they had some questions about my education,” Chelgren said. “I told them directly that the information that I had given to everyone was accurate.”

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