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Marriage certificates

Nov 11, 2013

The following marriages were recorded at the Jefferson County Courthouse:


Todd Austin Rogers of Fairfield married Kathleen Rae Repp of Fairfield Aug. 24, 2013.

Carolyn Jean Doran of Los Angeles, Calif., married Vernon Robert Lindholm Jr. of Los Angeles Sept. 7, 2013.

Seann Michael Burgmeier of Fairfield married Janae Briana Peterson of Fairfield Sept. 13, 2013.

Christopher Eugene Hawkins of Bloomfield married Jennifer Lea Brewington of Batavia Sept. 14, 2013.

Casey Lee Diehl of Fairfield married Tracy Lee Reese of Fairfield Sept. 14, 2013.

Travis Allen Vogt of Batavia married Fleecia Marie Elmore of Batavia Sept. 14, 2013.

Jeremy Michael Hellweg of Huxley married Ashley Jordan Sander of Huxley Sept. 21, 2013.

Sompheth Phaythida of Fairfield married Jacob Lee Story of Fairfield Sept. 21, 2013.

Kenneth Dale Shearon II of Brighton married Mary Ellen McDowell of Brighton Sept. 22, 2013.

Jeffrey Alan Vorhies of Fairfield married Lee Anne Marie Malone of Fairfield Sept. 28, 2013.

Brent Edward Blakely of Richland married Heather Lee Wiges of Fairfield Sept. 28, 2013.

Justin Michael Guffey of Fairfield married Amanda Marie Hostetter of Fairfield Sept. 28, 2013.

Richard Thomas McCarty of Brighton married Cody Ann Lamansky Sept. 28, 2013.

Nathan Michael Jones of Fairfield married Emi Elizabeth Charleston of Fairfield Sept. 29, 2013.

Mahmoud Kamal Elshazly Ahmed of Fairfield married Alia Fahmy Mankin of Fairfield Sept. 30, 2013.

Scott Wesley Melvin of Fairfield married Theresa Celeste Rachele of Fairfield Oct. 4, 2013.

Roland Geoffrey Wells of Fairfield married Angela Dal Dosso Oct. 8, 2013.

Adam Lynn Redding of Wyaconda, Mo., married Stormy Darlene Wallace of Fairfield Oct. 10, 2013.

Christopher William Day of Fairfield married Amanda Joelle Shanstrom of Fairfield, Oct. 12, 2013.

Carl Andrew Nelson of Fairfield married Lisa Jane Schinstock of Fairfield Oct. 12, 2013.

Daniel Paul Buch of Fairfield married Deborah Jean Reid of Fairfield Oct. 12, 2013.

Jeffrey Francis Vivacqua of Fairfield married Nicole Dyer Hunt of Fairfield, Oct. 12, 2013.

Brittney Lynn Wardlow of Fairfield married Jon Eric Trumpold of Fairfield Oct. 19, 2013.

Joshua Herbert Robinson of Lockridge married Andrena May Cruz of Lockridge Oct. 26, 2013.

Ashik Babu Mahato of Fairfield married Kopila Sharma of Rochester, Minn., Oct. 26, 2013.

Mark Robert Brown of Fairfield married Autumn Jo Brown of Richland Oct. 26, 2013.

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