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Meaning of word ‘hero’ broad in scope

By Kayla M. Meyer | Mar 07, 2013

To the editor:

When people hear the word “hero,” they think of Superman or Spiderman; or if you’re Greek, Odysseus. When I started reading the story of Odysseus I understood all the similarities and differences, but I didn’t quite get the meaning of “hero.” When I was younger I always said my grandma was my hero. I love my grandma and I do look up to her, but after learning about other people’s heroes, my view has now changed. Odysseus and other heroes have some things in common, but not all things.

Odysseus was a powerful person to a lot of people. He saved people and had the wits to get out of a lot of things, but if he lived in our world and time, I don’t think he would last very long. He had a lot of characteristics you think every hero would have: strong, brave, a leader, and at most times caring. There are a couple things that would make him look like he’s the bad guy, like the fact that he gives in to temptation too much and too easily. He’s also self-centered in my eyes, which is one reason why I don’t really care for him that much. He had one quality that is a good quality, but in certain situations can be really bad; he is very strong-minded.

I didn’t just learn about Odysseus or heroes. I learned about my family. I learned about what’s important to them and what they look for in a person; or how they would like to be seen. My dad’s hero is someone I could have guessed — his dad. I always hear how great he is, but after talking to my dad about my grandpa, now I understand why he is his hero. He told me he is caring, brave, strong-willed, helpful, a hard worker, and nice. I believe that list could go on and on. I also asked my sister; she may be little, but she does have someone who she would like to be like. The person would be Cinderella. She might not know why she wants to be Cinderella, but I believe I do. I think she likes the fact that she is a beautiful, grown woman who’s honest, nice, and helpful. Also, she has an imagination. The last person that I talked to is my mother. She told me her kids and sisters are her heroes. That is because there are things in us that she loves, like being strong-willed, caring, maturity, helpful, motherly, and hard working.

I realized what a hero is after I talked to my mom. A hero is someone you look up to, someone you want to be. I now realize that everyone is my hero. There is something I like in everybody. Someone might not have all the qualities of a hero, but someone could have more than one quality of a hero. Everybody’s view of a hero is different, so no one can possibly be perfect. I like something in everybody, because everybody has their strong qualities. Even though everybody is my hero, I would not like to be like anyone. I am my own person, and someday I would like to be a hero to others.


— Kayla M. Meyer, Batavia

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