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Medicaid expansion not what Iowa needs

By David P. Miller | Mar 21, 2013

To the editor:

Some people in the health care profession have made arguments and emotional appeals for the expansion of Medicaid. I would like to present some considerations in support of not expanding Medicaid.

One of the main arguments for supporting the expansion is that this is free money from the federal government. Free money from the federal government has been one of the biggest myths of our lifetime and is one of the reasons we are $16 trillion in debt. We as taxpayers are either paying the bill, will pay, or must borrow the money. The reason we have the program to expand Medicaid is because of the Corn Husker’s kickback. In order to get Obama Care passed, it was agreed to reimburse the State of Nebraska for the increased cost of Medicaid. That bribe was going to sink the bill, so the only way out was to offer the bribe to all of the states.

Currently the government is offering the states reimbursement for three years. If the federal government runs out of money, or does not fund it after three years, we will then have to kick people off Medicaid or pay for it at the state level.

Once a program is started it is almost impossible to discontinue. Governor Branstad is trying to come up with a program that is sustainable. I believe this is the wise and more prudent thing to do. I would encourage hospitals and health professionals to work together to find creative solutions like a county health exchange that would insure everyone. Although “free” money sounds good, it may be a Trojan Horse.


— David P. Miller, Batavia

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