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Middle school to receive new roof

By DIANE VANCE | Feb 14, 2013

Fairfield Middle School will get new roofing this summer and the Fairfield school board approved a request for bids to use different roofing materials.

District auxiliary services director Fred McElwee brought Dennis Martin, a representative from Garland Roofing, to Monday’s board meeting.

“It’s a unique roofing system up there,” said Martin. “It has a concrete deck with a rubber roof held down with ballast rocks.

“We don’t use ballast any more. Metal roofing is used. However, with a concrete deck, it’s hard to fasten metal to concrete,” Martin said. “The fasteners needed would go through the deck and spall through on the underside.”

Spalling means the end of a nail, screw or fastener pokes through the underside of a material such as concrete, causing some crumbling and splintering on the underside of the material.

Martin said metal roofing is a good system, but not for all applications. He brought a sample of a modified built up roof system he recommended for FMS. It includes insulation and is fastened to the deck with adhesive.

“It’s approximately the same cost as metal and comes with the same 30-year warranty,” he said.

McElwee said previously some of the middle school ceiling showed spalled fasteners, but installation of the geothermal heating and cooling system included adding dropped ceilings in classrooms, which covered the spalled fasteners and the patch jobs to cover them.

“The sections of the roof being done this summer include the roofs over the gym and cafeteria, so fasteners poking through the deck would show again there,” said McElwee.

Bids for the roofing work will be due March 14. A public hearing and possible board action for the project is scheduled for the March 18 school board meeting.

McElwee also shared the district will receive rebates on its middle school geothermal project.

“The estimated incentives as of Feb. 1, are $27,912 for an electrical rebate and $88,451 rebate for installing geothermal,” he said. “The final amounts could vary depending upon final project evaluation.”

The district has enough accumulation of furnishing and equipment no longer needed and being stored at the Lincoln Center to hold another auction in the near future. The board agreed McElwee, superintendent Art Sathoff and other administrators could review the items and place those not needed up for auction.

McElwee said the school district had a state inspection of its vehicles, including three Suburbans and 28 buses, in the past month.

“We had 23 pass inspection and receive a seal of approval,” he said. “Six buses were designated to have repairs within 30 days. These included things such as cracked plastic wire molding, fogged glass, a non-working alarm and two were missing a chassis card.

“We got three of those six buses corrected immediately and for the others we ordered parts,” said McElwee. “We had two buses out of service because the safety arms were not operating. Those were fixed and are back in service.

“Overall the inspector and troopers [assisting the inspector] had favorable remarks to our bus drivers,” he said. “They were impressed with the cleanliness of the buses.”

In other business:

• The board accepted the resignation of Lisa Greenig as Fairfield High School girls swim coach, pending a suitable replacement.

Board member Jeri Kunkle said Greenig had stepped in to the position on short notice and thanked Greenig for doing a good job.

• The board approved amending contracts for hourly wage increases for Jane Pohren, from $12.32 to $12.57; and Karen Witzenburg, from $11.46 to $11.94.

The two staff should have been included with the 17 people approved for wage increases in January, but were missed due to confusion about hire dates, which has been researched and corrected.

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