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Missouri Tiger finds home in Fairfield

By Allyus Fritz | Aug 08, 2013

I had to put serious thought into my decision when I was offered the sports editor position here in Fairfield.

Two questions kept racing through my head. The first question was whether or not I would even take the job here. I had another job offer in a town just as homey as Fairfield. It was even in Iowa. Which place would be best for my future?

The second question that plagued me was could I live in this small of a town? I grew up in Quincy, Ill, which is a town of about 40,000 people. Once I moved out and went to college I was in an even larger community. I attended the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., which is a city of close to 100,000 people.

As you might imagine, Fairfield is nothing like Columbia. There are amenities Fairfield simply doesn’t have. I’ve come to find out however that some aspects of Fairfield are much more enjoyable than those found in the big city. I haven’t been treated unkindly by anyone since I’ve arrived in town. Every single person I’ve called to help me with a story has been eager to help and participate. I seem to have landed in the perfect place to help me grow as a journalist.

Quincy was a great place to grow up. I’ve always had plenty of friends and things to keep me occupied. That didn’t change the fact that by the time I was 18 I wanted out. I had exhausted my love for Quincy and needed a new horizon to drive towards. Most kids are a little home sick when they leave for college. I can assure you I was not.

The same sort of feeling came over me when college was coming to a close. College was probably the best time of my life, yet I was ready to accept a new challenge and move on. My journalism school days were over and I needed to put myself to work. My eventual post-graduation job search led me to Fairfield.

It’s safe to say that I’m consumed by sports. It started when I was little and my passion for competition has never ceased. The first team I ever played on was when I was 6. We were called “The Stingers,” and we were part of a league that used a pitching machine (I never wanted to play T-ball. As a little tike, I wasn’t interested). In the fall of that same year, I played my first year of flag football.

I played both football and baseball at Quincy Senior High School. I think of my days as a Blue Devil very fondly. During my time there we played a couple of schools, Mount Pleasant and Fort Madison, which people of Fairfield are most likely very familiar with. I was a cornerback on the football team and a second baseman on the baseball team. I was never the biggest or strongest kid on the field but I made up for that with hustle and effort.

Becoming a professional athlete was likely never in my future but I dreamed of playing on the big stage like every little kid does. I admit I still dream about hitting a walk-off home run in the World Series. That dream will probably never go away.

I still root for the Missouri Tigers. My second college allegiance belongs to the University of Illinois because my sister attended school there. I admit the University of Iowa will not be one of my favorite schools anytime soon.

When it comes to professional sports, my favorite teams are the St. Louis Cardinals, the Denver Broncos, the St. Louis Blues, and the Chicago Bulls. My sports dream is to attend a playoff game in Denver, a mile above sea level. Anybody have some extra cash lying around?

Anyway, Fairfield has given me an opportunity to meet new people, which I am enjoying immensely. Coming here to work was my way of trying to forge a new path for myself.

I look forward to representing this community to the best of my ability.


– Allyus Fritz,

Ledger sports editor

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