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Move To Amend training planned Wednesday

The meeting is set for Wednesday, not Thursday as previously announced. Incorrect information was provided to The Ledger.
Jan 07, 2013

The Move To Amend campaign is bringing its message to Fairfield at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Fairfield Public Library.

The event is free and open to the public. If the discussion goes late, they will reconvene at another time.

“Citizens United was just the tip of the iceberg in a 200 year strategic pattern of corporations stealing the Constitutional rights that were intended by our founders for human persons,” said Marybeth Gardam, Iowa coordinator for Move To Amend.

Her group is pushing for a Constitutional Amendment that affirms MONEY IS NOT SPEECH (reversing the 1976 Buckley v Valeo decision of the SCOTUS) and that A CORPORATION IS NOT A PERSON and is not entitled to the Constitutional Rights of human persons. And... they want to reverse Citizens United.

Gardam will bring along a graphic that shows the 200-year timeline of Corporate Theft of Individual Rights. She’ll be offering activist training on how Iowa can assert its unique potential for political change by adopting resolutions across the state via citizen petitions.

According to Gardam, hundreds of cities across the nation have already adopted resolutions calling for these substantive changes. And nine or so states have adopted state resolutions affirming the same points: Money is not Speech and can be legally regulate to protect elections from corrupting influence of big money, and Corporations should not have the same rights as human persons.

“We’re fighting for the right to self-governance, to have a voice that is not silenced by big money,” Gardam explained. “We need every signature we can get. We need every engaged citizen ... because all the issues we care most about — the environment, workers rights, fracking, GMO labeling, peace, womens’ rights, civil rights, transportation policy, energy policy, and many others — are blocked by the din of money in elections. Our elected officials are being held hostage by big money donations. They need us to rise up and demand change. We are the people we’ve been waiting for.”

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