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Mt. Pleasant loses a real treasure

Mar 27, 2013

To the editor:

Mt. Pleasant lost a real treasure recently, which is ironic, because he restored trunks to real treasures.

Don Hughes was a riddle, wrapped in an enigma…Drove a beat-up old Mustang with no heat and lived in what I’m guessing was a beat-up house (I was never allowed in) and turned out antique trunks that were beauties.

I started running into him at antique auctions, and when I purchased my first “diamond in the rough” trunk was told that the guy to get to restore it was Don Hughes.

Boy, were they right. He took several trunks that I purchased through the years and made them works of art. I actually started buying them just so I could go and see him. What a character.

The first time I went to pick one up, I took him a plate of cookies. Wow, did he love that. So, of course, every time I picked up and delivered, more baked goods went along.

I know have many “Don Hughes” trunks in my home and each of my three children has a trunk that Don restored.

I will miss him this spring at the auctions and as I go by his old house, will remember the man.

Katherine Reid Brumwell

New London


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