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Much at stake in March 4 vote

By Dan Breen | Feb 27, 2014

To the editor:

As Jefferson county residents, we all live together as one community. We share schools, churches, places of commerce, roads and recreational facilities. We live as neighbors with common responsibilities for each other and each other’s families. Rural Iowa has always taken those responsibilities seriously. It’s why I chose to live here.

As county residents, we have an opportunity to join with our neighbors for a very important purpose. Recreation facilities provide for the needs of children, seniors, young adults and local employers. Unincorporated voters have an opportunity to respond to those needs.

County residents are given a per capita share of sales tax money raised largely in the city limits of Fairfield. This tax revenue is shared with county residents because we all live together as one community.

The county is being asked to give back a small percentage of these revenues to invest back into our common community. As sales tax revenues rise in Fairfield, the county residents directly benefit and we gladly accept the money. We have the opportunity to do our share in supporting facilities we have full access to and that will grow the sales tax revenues we all benefit from.

Millions of dollars of generously pledged private money is at stake. State grant money is at stake. The opening of a pool and indoor facilities in 2015 is at stake. A “yes” vote is essential to all that happening. People of all ages are awaiting these facilities, but none more so than our children. They are only children for a short while. They need our help now. I continue to have faith that the line between the city and the rest of the county is not a boundary separating good will and shared responsibilities for each other. Please support the pool/gym project by voting “yes”.


– Dan Breen, Fairfield


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