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Name released in abandoned building death

By ANDY HALLMAN | Sep 03, 2014

The Fairfield Police Department has released more details about the man who was found dead in an abandoned building at 1200 S. Main St. Sunday.

The man was identified as Christopher Freeman, 56, of Washington, Illinois. Investigators suspect Freeman, who was reported missing in Illinois, chose to forcibly enter that particular abandoned residence because he lived there as a child.

It is unknown what his intentions were but it appears he meant no harm to any person. A firearm was located in Freeman’s vehicle in a case, and he had a legal permit to carry the weapon. No weapons were found in the residence or on his person at the time of his death.

Police were tipped off Freeman might be in the residence by his family, who identified his vehicle outside the residence. Officers saw what appeared to be a forcible entry to the home based on a broken window. Since Freeman was believed to be armed, three to four members of the police department’s tactical team donned heavy bulletproof vests and approached the home with the lead officer carrying a shield in case the person inside fired at them. Police also closed South Main Street to traffic from 2:30-3:30 p.m.

After no one in the residence answered police negotiators’ attempts to make contact, the tactical team broke through the locked door and began searching the house. Freeman’s body was found on the third floor of the residence.

Police found no evidence Freeman died as a result of either a suicide or a homicide. A press release from the department states Freeman died of undetermined natural causes and that there is nothing suspicious or criminal about his death.

Officials at the police department received assistance from several law enforcement agencies in Iowa and Illinois and from Freeman’s family.


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