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Nation losing its sense of identity

By James Lee Elliott | Mar 13, 2014

To the editor:

If we do not know from which we came or how we got here, we will soon not know who we are and for which we stand. Today, most seem not to know what we believe as America seems to have become a confused nation that has lost its identity.

Mark Twain once said that, “A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not admit in public.”

The 21st century immigration reform debate is now again tugging at the heart and emotions of each American citizen, as the agenda that is being played to us is, once again, based on a campaign promise.

Now out of the emotions of fear, many elected officials are now seeking to expedite a common ground, politically based, compromised fix in order to gain momentum for upcoming elections.

These deals of compromise are why this nation has an identity crisis and it is past time we stopped seeking compromises based on United Nations-world view common ground compromises and returned to the higher ground upon which this nation was founded.

Out of bounds, out of control government has never been the source of America’s greatness as the source of this nation’s rapid development and great accomplishments has always been its citizens.

Have we become so much wiser than our founding fathers that we are willing to invest in and allow government to take care of all of us as they tell us – we know what is best for you people!

There is a difference between law-abiding American citizens and those that choose to not abide by the law as they slip around in the shadows of darkness that are eventually caught, prosecuted and jailed.

There is also a difference between those that choose the current legal path to American citizenship and those that come here in the dark of the night and slip into the shadows, avoid being caught, prosecuted and sent back, as politicians debate amnesty by changing the laws to accommodate them.

Then there is the problem of the federal government turning their backs by not allowing enforcement of existing immigration laws, as for the last several decades many have catered to lobbyists, special interests and businesses that desire a non-living wage (cheap labor) as the rest seek a larger voter base so that they might remain in power.

Therefore, we now have those with a birthright to citizenship in this nation. We can not turn our backs on these people but neither can this nation withstand an influx of possibly tens of millions, as Washington, D.C. continually raises the debt ceiling by trillions, as they failed to do their jobs of providing an economic environment, that stimulates living wage-job creation needed to sustain the life of this nation, its citizens, and to those seeking the existing legal path to citizenship.

Complacency, apathy and fear allow an out-of-control government to conspire against the freedoms of its citizens.


– James Lee Elliott, Fairfield


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