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Nation needs producers

By James Lee Elliott | Oct 17, 2013

To the editor:

With fewer citizens able to support themselves due to a lack of jobs in this nation that provide meaningful, living wage employment, it is no wonder that more American citizens are paying fewer taxes.

This nation has become purchasers (users) instead of producers. Producers provide job creation, and income provides tax revenues. Purchasers eventually run low on expendable income as higher prices, taxes and utility costs also increase.

This nation is on the verge of collapse due to a continuing budgetary crisis that is about to tear this country apart and to forever destroy what brought our families to this country – the American Dream.

The destruction of any nation’s economy creates a void as it is discouraging when the legal citizens of this nation want to work to provide for the needs of the household, their children, their loved ones, their families and churches but cannot do so.

Our founding fathers established a government that is not to be responsible for our basic needs or the choices we as individual citizens make in our lives. Its duty is to protect our interests so that we can work hard, earn an honest living and make progress in the pursuit of our personal goals.

Our duty as American citizens is to provide for our needs and to bear our burdens. It was never intended for our government to oversee and provide for our needs from the womb to the tomb.

When one cannot afford the basics of life through meaningful employment, a person’s self-worth deteriorates, giving in to frustration, stress, anger, depression, anxiety and a sense of futility.

If we the people do not bring these issues to Washington, D.C. our freedoms, values, principles and liberty will continue to erode.

We have watched the hypocrisy, waste and corruption of too many professional politicians as many see no way out except to continue the policies that have created the problem – to tax, spend and borrow at an ever increasing pace, trying to spend itself out of economic chaos.

This nation is putting itself into the position that foreign powers (creditors) such as China, Japan, UK, Mid-east oil countries, Caribbean banking centers, Brazil, Hong Kong and Russia could claim ownership of this country as they call in their I.O.U.

Now we are again having the fear of the emotions of a government shutdown being dumped into our laps as they need more money, therefore raising the debt ceiling that someone has said really isn’t a debt. There are both Republicans and Democrats responsible for this continuing excessive tax and spend such as the Un-Affordable Health Care (Tax) Act that is being shoved down the throats of the majority of American citizens.

When many of our elected leaders are ignoring the will of the people it closely resembles the set of circumstances that precipitated the American Revolution. When they tell us they know what is best for you people then it is past time for change, no matter what side of the aisle that they set on in Washington, D.C.


– James Lee Elliott, Fairfield


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