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Neighbors Growing Together | Jul 18, 2018

National Guardsman runs for mayor of Batavia

By Nicole Major, Ledger staff writer | Oct 26, 2017
Courtesy of: Chris Davison Pictured here is the Davison family, who are front and center, Stephen; front right, Emma; center, Kimberly; back left, Kaiden, Chris and Ethan.

Batavia resident Chris Davison, a former Marine who currently serves in the Army National Guard, as well as the secretary for the Batavia Fire Department, said he’s ready to get even more involved in his community.

“Basically for me, it’s just getting back into the community, because I haven’t been as much involved in it anymore,” Davison said.

Davison is currently running unopposed, and if elected, he’ll be taking current Batavia Mayor Tom Drish’s place.

“I was on council for 10 years before becoming mayor for two years,” Drish said. “I’m just going to take a break I’ve been on their long enough; I’m a firm believer that someone else should have a chance to give back to the community; It shouldn’t always be the same people. I also wanted to get more involved with my kid’s activities.”

As far as Davison filling his shoes, Drish said he thinks he’s ready for the role.

“I think Chris will do a great job; he’s motivated for the position,” Drish said. “I’ll be there to help him out with any questions he might have.”

A 2003 Cardinal High School graduate, Davison grew up in Batavia. He enlisted in the United States Marines, and shipped out right after high school.

“I went to boot camp the day after I graduated,” he said with a chuckle. “I was out in California for four years of my Marine Corps career; so it was a lot of fun.”

Although during his Marine career, Davison got a chance to explore other areas of the country, his heart wasn’t too far from home.

“I missed being home, and living in a smaller town,” he said. “I had lived in Fairfield for a while, too. I just like smaller towns, because you can get to know people a lot better.”

After four years in the Marine Corps, Davison joined the Army National Guard, and he’s been a guardsman for the last 10 years.

He met his wife, Kimberly, who is also serving in the Army National Guard. Kimberly is also currently running for a city council seat.

“We live busy lives,” Davison said, explaining that he and Kimberly met while serving in the military.

“She’s out of Stormlake with Golf Company, which is a maintenance company in the Army National Guard,” he said.

The Davisons have a blended family of four.

“She has two, and I have two,” Davison said of Kaiden, 11, Ethan, 10, Emma, 9 and Stephen, 8.

“Her two, Kaiden and Ethan, go to Cardinal schools, and my two Emma and Stephen, go to Pence Elementary School in Fairfield,” he said.

Both Kimberly and Chris coach Little League in Batavia.

Chris said he’s ready to take on the challenge of being mayor of the town he loves.

“In all honesty, I remember how the community used to be when I was growing up. Everyone knew everyone, and got along for the most part. I would like to see that again,” Davison said. “There are a few properties that might not be in the best shape, and we need to get the town cleaned up some; but I really don’t have an agenda. I just want to do what I can to make the town better.”

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