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New utility rules will kill solar

By Cheryl Fusco Johnson | Mar 09, 2017

To the editor:

Newly adopted utility rules will destroy Iowa’s solar power industry, and you can take two simple steps to help save it. Why should you?

Right here in Fairfield, many of us have seen firsthand how Ideal Energy Solar — a service disabled veteran-owned small business — has created jobs and helped the environment. Ideal Energy is one of about 40 solar companies in Iowa. Iowa’s solar industry creates opportunities for our young people (and older ones, too) so they can work right here instead of being forced to leave and seek opportunities outside of Iowa.

What’s happened to change that? The Iowa Utilities Board adopted a new rule that was proposed by Alliant Energy.

This rule regulates net metering. Net metering determines how much of the solar power that’s created by the solar panels that a homeowner or business owner installed on their properties can be used by that homeowner or business owner. The new rule vastly decreases how much of this energy the homeowner or business owner can use.

As a result, people will no longer find it financially feasible to install solar power on their homes or small businesses.

What can you do? Please, immediately do two things. First, contact the Iowa Governor’s office and strongly urge Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds to support Iowa’s solar industry and work towards changing the new rule.

Second, visit www.saveiowasolar.org, which explains the proper way to protest the Iowa Utility Board’s adoption of Alliant Energy’s net metering rule. By making time to take action right now, you can help Iowa’s solar industry, Iowan workers, and our environment thrive.


– Cheryl Fusco Johnson, Fairfield

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