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Newly passed bill a ‘windfall’ for Iowans

By Mark A. Cobb | Jun 13, 2013

To the editor:

Iowa’s Legislative Assembly ran a few weeks long this year. However, on the last day of the session, House File 640 passed. This important law benefits every Iowan’s pocketbook, while bolstering opportunities for Iowa farmers and businesses.

This legislation guarantees the long-standing practice of blending biofuel products locally. Fuel distributors and retailers championed efforts to pass the new law requiring major oil refiners to offer unblended gasoline and diesel. This ensures that Iowans have the option of using ethanol and biodiesel products manufactured in our state.

The positive effect of this measure is widespread and a windfall for Iowans. The use of homegrown fuel resources reduces transportation costs and lowers the product-to-market carbon footprint. It also drives our local economy and accommodates consumer demand for locally produced products. That’s a rare scenario where everyone wins — Iowa farmers, Iowa retailers and Iowa consumers.

As a result, Iowa has reinforced its leadership position within the renewable fuels industry. For more than 30 years, independent Iowa retailers have led the way in renewable fuels blending and marketing with an insider’s understanding of Iowa consumers and the state’s economic vitality. The “Mom and Pop” stores that blanket this state have established a long-standing and proven track record of mixing quality fuel products, which meet and exceed all federal and state specifications and standards.

The passage of this bill also fortifies an essential part of our free market — the right to choose how we do business. Given this measure, I am confident Iowa farmers and businesses alike will continue to work together for the collective good of this state. This is especially significant since more than 84 percent of all gasoline sold in Iowa contains ethanol, and a growing percent of diesel contains biofuel mix.

The fact that such an effective piece of government emerged from this session buoys my faith in our elected officials. Please thank and congratulate your local legislator for protecting the common interest of all Iowans.


— Mark A. Cobb, Brighton

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