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No easy choices for school board

By Ron Blair | Jul 27, 2017

To the editor:

It’s time to take a moment and thank the remarkable people who staff and run the local school system. From the teachers to administrators to the school board members, each are due a debt of gratitude from each citizen.

The school board, in particular, has to walk the razor’s edge almost constantly. There are the ever-present budget concerns and constraints. In that light, closing a school(s) is heart-breaking for a community and a decision to do so is never, ever taken lightly.

I imagine that school board members often have trouble sleeping given the stress they are under: how to find the middle way and do what is best for the most number of students, how to be fair-minded and compassionate always, even when a few think that pitchforks and torches are the way to solve issues.

I think that the school board members are consistently even-handed, even if a decision they make isn’t popular. It is so easy to quote chapter and verse, to live in a black and white world where everyone is wrong who doesn’t see the world exactly the way they do.

It’s so much more difficult to listen to everyone’s perspective, to understand everyone’s point-of-view, and to see truth in everyone’s opinion … and then to move ahead and make tough decisions that impacts the whole.

These are the characteristics of people who deserve to be school board members, to steer the ship through stormy times in a dedicated, open-minded, open-hearted, and balanced manner.


– Ron Blair, Fairfield

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