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No growth to pay for new pool, gym

By Bob Gillander | Oct 18, 2012

To the editor:

Hold on, Mayor Malloy! Not so fast! The taxpayers of Fairfield need to see your concrete agreements for nine million dollars of committed capital BEFORE approving three million dollars of general obligation bonds, Public Measure A, on the general election ballot, November 6, 2012. Until you prove your end of the financing for any new pool or recreation center, the taxpayers must vote “no” on Public Measure A! To do otherwise would be sheer lunacy!

A new pool and recreation center is a nice vision, but it makes no sense in Fairfield. Consider the following:

There is absolutely no need for either proposed project. The current recreation center and pool, while very nice, have been underutilized for years; there is no “middle class” with growing families in Fairfield to justify such a huge expenditure. Just look at the high school graduation numbers and the census numbers for the city. There is no growth in Fairfield to generate capital to pay for luxuries like a new pool or recreation center; in the past 25 years, you (Mayor Malloy), and your predecessor, Bob Rasmussen, have failed to bring in one major employer to Fairfield, and the vast majority of people in our city work at entry-level wages throughout their work careers. Fairfield needs money-generating employers far more than a new pool/recreation center.

Concisely stated, the people of Fairfield need money to be brought into the city, and definitely do not need or want to spend three million dollars on an idea sprung on them one month before voting day!

Mayor Malloy, if you are serious about your proposal, then you need to submit a complete financial plan for public review, listing financial contributors and commitments, along with a complete explanation of how and when you will secure the first nine million dollars for your proposed “dream project!” You must know that any business proposal of this magnitude deserves full scrutiny.

The people of Fairfield must: a) Register to vote; b) Vote on November 6, 2012; c) Make sure to vote “no” on Ballot A, the measure asking for $3,000,000 of your money!

The time for voter apathy must come to an end if you, the residents of Fairfield, want control of your city. If you sit back — feeling old, tired and defeated — and waiting for someone else to do your voting work, you will lose another three million dollars in money, and send a message to the mayor to come right back with another demand for more money!

Wake up! And make sure you vote “no” on Public Measure A, on November 6, 2012.


— Bob Gillander, Fairfield

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Posted by: Laura Miller | Oct 19, 2012 05:49

Thank you for speaking up!

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