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Nuclear arsenals greatest threat to humankind

By Patrick Bosold | Mar 30, 2017

To the editor:

The ongoing “consensus” amongst the US “intelligence” and political classes regarding Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election is a huge lie, accepted by the American public due to endless repetition. There is no factual basis to it. There are, however, some facts regarding the U.S. and Russia that urgently need to be addressed.

Russia and the U.S. possess over 90 percent of all the nuclear weapons on this planet. Each country has approximately 1,000 of those weapons aimed at the other right now. These weapons have the power to destroy the entire northern hemisphere’s populations and ecosystems virtually overnight.

Most of these weapons are on hair-trigger alert. This is a threat to the future of humanity and our planet that is all too real.

We need to start taking steps to end this threat now.

We need to accept Putin’s recent offer to resume START treaty negotiations.

We need to immediately agree with the Russians to end all hair-trigger alert systems on our nuclear arsenals.

We and the Russians need to seriously start the work of getting all other nuclear-armed nations to stand down their nuclear weapons and then dismantle them permanently.

The current status of nuclear arsenals in the U.S. and Russia, and elsewhere in the world, is the greatest threat that humanity faces. The fact that we’ve grown accustomed to it is no excuse for ignoring it any longer.


– Patrick Bosold, Fairfield

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