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Obama cares about veterans

By Bob Krause | Nov 01, 2012

To the editor:

This is why I think Iowa veterans should support Barack Obama on Tuesday.

President Obama has shown that he cares about veterans. Obama spent more time in Iraq and Afghanistan as than US Senator Bush did as President. Since, he continues to beat Romney hands down in this category. And, his wife Michelle has made families of veterans her top project as First Lady.

In his first year, Obama dramatically increased the Veterans Affairs budget by 25 percent. This began the task of rebuilding the VA. Republican budgeteers had gouged the VA to extent that major scandals such as Walter Reed started cropping up. Obama is working to repair the damage to the VA system.

In contrast, the Romney Ryan Budget as approved by the US House had it been approved, would have gutted the VA with a mind-boggling $11.5 billion cut. No wonder Romney did not mention veterans in his acceptance speech at the GOP convention or at any other major venue. He has nothing to say.

Obama, on the other hand, has removed Osama Bin Laden, has removed us from Iraq, is removing is from Afghanistan, and has been reserved about leading the country into dangerous foreign adventures. Veterans need to elect Barack Obama and give him a friendly Congress to get things done.


— Bob Krause, Des Moines

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