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Obama ruining country

By Jerry Leathers | Jul 18, 2013

When Barack Hussein Obama says trust me, watch your back. He won’t need 3 ½ more years to completely destroy our great country.

If you voted for Obama the first time I forgive you; if you voted for him the second time, God forgive you. No offense to the deaf, dumb and blind, but not seeing what this administration has done to our country, liberty, faith, morals, military and Constitution is unbelievable.

You can’t all be low-information voters. Your heads must be buried where the sun doesn’t shine or you would see it.

No one can keep up with all of Obama’s administrative scandals. Benghazi was impeachable just by itself, let alone the IRS scandal, which was deplorable.

The press looks the other way and the rest forget who they work for.

Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached now! We need to give Ted Cruz and Allen West a chance to turn this country around.

I pray people open their eyes, start listening and speak up for what’s right. If only the people who call themselves Christians would stand up and fight, we might have a chance.

Remember, it’s not in Obama we trust; it’s in God we trust.


– Jerry Leathers, Stockport


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