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Candidate endorsement

One candidate has history of bad behavior

By Barbara Hirschler | Nov 04, 2016

To the editor:

When God called the world into existence, he set up three institutions, family, church, and government. All three of these are now under assault, particularly by people who call themselves liberals/progressives. The book of Proverbs, Chapter 2 tells us that “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. When the wicked are in power, the people groan.” How much rejoicing do you see in our country?

Our constitution gives us the right to pick those who govern us, but if we pick wicked people, the constitution is worthless. Surely you are aware of the corruption in our federal government. Our current president has broken the tenants of the constitution 75 times. The three state judges who are up for a retention vote have made judgments against state laws that have been and are supported by the majority of Iowans.

Keep in mind that the governing force in our country is the men/women we elect and there are over 6,000 officials to be elected this year. Bad people rarely enforce good laws. Samuel Adams stated that people who are void of principles in their private lives have no regard of principles for their country. Character does matter. Of the two candidates running to be president, one is under FBI investigation with a thirty year history of questionable and proven bad behavior. Please remember that when we elect bad leaders, the people groan, but when the righteous rule, we will rejoice.


– Barbara Hirschler, Fairfield

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