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Open Class lists 2013 fair results

Jul 15, 2013

Results of the Open Class Division of the 2013 Greater Jefferson County Fair have been announced.

In Arts and Crafts-Adults:

Holiday Ideas — Sandy Nelson, blue; Ellen Westoff, blue.

Pictures — Sandy Nelson, white; Julie Wilson, red and white; Kelly Harbin, red.

Photography, Nature — Sandy Dimmitt, blue; Linda Clemmons, red; Marilyn Nance, white.

Photography, People — Sandy Dimmitt, blue.

Photography, Flowers — Sandy Dimmitt, blue.

Photography, Animals — Sandy Dimmitt, blue; Mary Garretson, red.

Photography, Special Effects — Sandy Dimmitt, blue.

Photography, That’s Funny — Sandy Dimmitt, blue.

Photography, Jefferson County — Sandy Dimmitt, blue; Joyce Wilkinson, red.

Photography, Digital Story Book — Dale Sue Glass, blue.

Photography, Other than Named — Joyce Wilkinson, red; Heather Nelson, red; Linda Clemmons, red; Sandy Dimmitt, white.

Yard Art — Sandy Nelson, red; Teresa Hanshaw, red.

Paper Crafts — Sandy Dimmitt, blue; Melody Rehm, blue; Sandy Dimmitt, red; Teresa Hanshaw, red; Melody Rehm, red.

In Foods-Adults:

Cookies, Drop — Nanette Everly, blue; Cindy Tedrow, blue; Dixie Ruggles, red; Michelle Burgmeier, red.

Cookies, Bars — Michelle Burgmeier, blue.

Cake, Unfrosted — Nanette Everly, blue.

Candy — Cindy Tedrow, blue; Dixie Ruggles, blue.

Pie — Joyce Stanley, blue.

Other than Named — Cindy Tedrow, blue.

Loaf Bread — Joyce Stanley, blue, Nanette Everly, blue; Michelle Burgmeier, red.

Quick Bread — Marilyn Nance, blue.

Canning, Relishes — Cindy Tedrow, blue.

Canning, Jams — Cindy Tedrow, blue, Marilyn Nance, blue.

Canning, Vegetables — Cindy Tedrow, blue.

In Hand Work-Adults:

Crochet — Wilma Lewis, blue.

Applique — Roberta Adam, blue.

Quilts, Hand Quilted — Courtney Taglauer, blue; Mary Hipp, red.

Quilts, Home Machine — Kathy Peck, blue; Dixie Ruggles, red; Barb Hendrickson, red.

Quilts, Professionally Quilted — Dale Sue Glass, two blues; Karen Redeker, two blue and red; Michele Young, red; Mary Hipp, red; Roberta Adam, red; Linda Clemmons, white; Tammy Haile, white.

Quilts, Comforter — Julie Wilson, red.

Quilts, Embroidery — Ellen Westoff, blue.

Wall Hanging, Hand Quilted — Joyce Wilkinson, red; Melody Rehm, red.

Wall Hanging, Machine Quilted — Roberta Adam, blue; Mary Garretson, red.

Embroidery — Joyce Stanley, blue.

Other than Named, Sewing — Dixie Ruggles, blue; Joyce Stanley, blue and red; Ellen Westoff, red; Melody Rehm, blue.

Plastic Canvas — Julie Wilson, blue.

Place Setting — Dixie Ruggles, blue.

Foundation or Paper Pieceing — Joyce Stanley, red.

Beading — Melody Rehm, blue.

In Flowers-Adults:

Cut Single Flower — Heather Pickard, blue.

Potted Plants — Marilyn Nance, blue; Teresa Hanshaw, blue; Marilyn Burke, blue; Eileen Pickard, blue; Joyce Stanley, blue.

Fresh Cut — Sandy Dimmitt, blue.

Artificial — Sandy Dimmitt, blue; Eileen Pickard, blue.

Other than Named — Eileen Pickard, blue; Joyce Wilkinson, blue.

In Fruits and Vegetables-Adults:

Vegetable Display — Wilma Lewis, blue.

In Juniors:

Flowers — Hailey Burke, blue; Eleanor Houston, blue; Kenneth Houston, blue.

School Projects — Camryn Clubb, blue.

Independent Projects — Kenneth Houston, blue; Eleanor Houston, blue; Hailey Burke, blue; Myriah Baker, blue; Camryn Clubb, blue.

In Care Facility & Handicapped:

Parkview Care Center — Phyllis Randall, LaMar O’Neil, Doris Bradfield.

SunnyBrook Living Care Center — Wilma Pratt.

In the contests:

Duct Tape, Best Clothing, Junior — Allyson Farley.

Duct Tape, Best Clothing, Intermediate — Rachel Funkhouser.

Duct Tape, Best Toy — Daniel Baldosier.

Duct Tape, Best Item for Home — Wava Jarr.

Duct Tape, Honorable Mention — Phyllis Lisk; Torrie Lisk.

Funny Cake — Jaden and Jabin Baker.

Chicken Throwing — Jabin Baker, 4 years old; Zach Westercamp, 8 years old; AJ Greiner, 12 years old; Ryan Swanson, adult.

Watermelon Seed Spitting — Jayden Murphy, junior; Evan Murphy, intermediate; Drew Stever, teens; Jeff Greiner, adult.

Bubblegum Bubble Blowing — Sara Swatikeolett, youngest; Kaitlyn Post, 11-12 years old; Drew Powers, 13-14 years old; Gabi Rutherford, overall.

NOTE: Results and photos of 4-H & FFA livestock shows and exhibits were published in the special 2013 Jefferson County Results distributed with Friday’s edition of The Fairfield Ledger. Copies of the fair results tab are available at The Ledger office and the Jefferson County ISU Extension Office. The result tab also is posted on The Ledger’s website at www.ffledger.com. Photos taken by The Ledger staff can be ordered from the website by clicking on “Buy Photos.” Photos taken by Cynthia Post will be posted on the fair’s website at www.jeffersoncofair.com.

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