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‘Our Flag - What it Means to Me’

By Benett Boatright | Apr 26, 2018
Source: TENA EDLIN Kevin Curran of Fairfield Elks Lodge No. 1192 congratulates Fairfield Middle School students Alex McDow, left, and Benett Boatright for receiving awards for their essays on “Our Flag - What it Means to Me.”

Editor’s note: The Iowa Elks Association invites all sixth-graders to submit an essay on “Our Flag - What it Means to Me.” The following essay won first locally and was third in the southeast district of Iowa.


What does the flag of our country mean to me? Well, the flag means that freedom comes with a price. It shows the history of everything good and bad.

The flag shows that America is one; we are not split into different nations. America, the people, freedom. That is what the flag truly means. Not that we are more powerful than other countries, but that we are together.

The right to have life and the freedom of press, religion and the right to petition the government. Our forefathers gave us these rights all those years ago. They fought and showed us the true reason of America.

Our country shows the flag respect. We don’t forget it. Imagine America without unity and a flag that keeps us together. We would be torn. Think about that the next time you see the flag. Give this country respect, love and kindness. These are the true policies of America, not things we own. The thought that we could not have a country terrifies me. We need to stay together, together as one country.

The flag of the United States of America shows the history of our country, good and bad. It shows the history of war, peace, wrongs and rights of America, the country of the free and loving.

This is the flag that has survived 241 years without being stolen by another country. The United States of America belongs to its people.

Some people want to change the flag, but why? Our flag shows everything from war to peace. That is our flag and what it means to me, as an American student and child.


- Benett Boatright, age 11, son of Katie and Cole Boatright. Benett attends Fairfield Middle School.

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