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Owner gives pit bull breed ‘bad name’

By Bob Hunerdosse | Dec 13, 2012

To the editor:

Saturday afternoon I tried to walk the two blocks down to my mothers but two pit bulls came running at me from across the street. I yelled at them and they backed off and went back across the street. So I crossed Adams and tried to continue on down the street on the south side of the street. Those dogs did not like that either. They came after me again but backed off after I yelled at them. This incidence did not go unnoticed as the police got two phone calls from two different witnesses. The owner of the dogs was visiting in the neighborhood, came out of a house and when he found out the police had been notified, gathered up his dogs and lead them away on their leash riding his bicycle. The owner of these two dogs was so concerned about his dogs that he did not even ask me if I was OK.

I am not upset at these dogs. The whole incident could have been avoided if the owner had taken time to tie his dogs up. He also did not want to stick around to be responsible for any damage his dogs caused.

I am not against pit bulls either. My neighbor has a pit bull that is usually a well behaved dog. When I told him about the incident he could not believe that the owner took off without facing the music. After I got aquainted with the dog next door and doing some research, I am convinced that pit bulls are a good dog if treated correctly. It is the owners that give the breed a bad name.


— Bob Hunerdosse, Fairfield

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