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Phil Miller worthy of our vote

By LaVergne Dunn | Aug 03, 2017

To the editor:

Early this month, I received a phone call asking me to participate in a survey about the upcoming special election on Aug. 8.

It was a real person, not a recording where you push “1” for yes and “2” for no, so I participated. I asked who was paying for the survey and was told this was a “National Research Company and contractually prohibited from giving out that information.”

The questions started out neutral — the caller asked twice what I felt about Curt Hanson. Then said they were going to make some statements about Travis Harris and I was to respond to each by saying if I would be more likely or less likely to vote for him based on that statement.

The statements were all nice: he was a farmer, married for 23 years, church association, etc. Then the caller said they would make some statements regarding Phil Miller and, again, I was to say if I would be more likely or less likely to vote for him based on that statement. The first statement was that he would raise taxes and support lots of regulations! I said, “That’s really negative! Who’s paying for this?” Same answer — National Research Co. — can’t tell. The next statement was worse! And it had *nothing* to do with Phil Miller. So I said this is what’s wrong with politics today and hung up. About four hours later a man called and asked me to complete the survey. Maybe they don’t get paid unless it’s finished? Then someone called again on Saturday and again on Sunday saying the survey was only 77 percent complete.

I’m mad as a wet hen. No citizen should be slimed like that, and by anonymous money. Phil Miller is one of our own and everyone who knows him knows he has demonstrated in every aspect of his life that he is qualified, able, caring and kind. He grew up on the family farm right here in Southeast Iowa.

He’s a 40-year veterinarian for large and small animals. I know because he answered my call once at 12:30 at night. He knows and cares about small business because he owns one. Phil is on his church council, served on the Jefferson County Board of Health and is president of the school board. And Phil has been married a long time with four kids and 10 grandchildren. Iowa has a lot to be proud of and Phil Miller is one of them. I think sometimes we need to vote for the individual person and not just the party designation before their name.

One more thing — there are two Millers on the ballot. Think Dr. Phil and vote for Phil Miller. He’s worthy of our votes.


— LaVergne Dunn, Fairfield

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