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Plants to beat the heat

By Aleta Mottet, Jefferson County Master Gardeners | Aug 01, 2018

It’s hard to beat the heat of summer and we have a very hot one this year. So in this month’s article I thought I would talk about some plants that tolerate heat better than some others.

We all want to find ways to find plants that do well with less water because we all desire to conserve water. Drought tolerance is a very complicated issue because plants are based on a lot of different characteristics including how the plants are grown.

Even drought tolerant plants need frequent watering when first planted. This could be two times a week for at least t wo to three weeks after first planting them to help get them established. Then reducing watering slowly giving the plants about a month to adapt to the reducing of watering a bit at a time.

My personal recommendation is not planting in July and August because it just takes too much watering and extra care because of the heat. Then you can start planting again in September.

Some heat tolerance plants to consider that can take full sun are Lantana (one of my favorite) Timeless Geraniums, Rock N Glow Sedum (any sedum I find works well), Baptista, Aronia, Gaura, Cheyenne Sky Grass, Portulaca, Salvia, Cleome, Phlox, Hibiscus, Penstemon, Petunia, Ipomoea, Angelonia, Verbena, Heliopsis and Buddleia. These are plants that love the heat and can keep your garden alive with color all through the summer.

Remember that many plants do better with regular fertilizing even as you reduce the watering. Under dry conditions, a little fertilizer can really keep your plants looking good. So have a good rest of the summer and enjoy your flowers.


NOTE: The Jefferson County Master Gardeners are providing a monthly column, named “Dear Iris,” for The Fairfield Ledger readers. “Dear Iris” is scheduled to be in the paper the first Wednesday of each month. The Master Gardeners will be providing information about horticulture and answering questions from readers. Questions can be sent to The Ledger at PO Box 110, Fairfield 52556, emailed to lifestyles@ffledger.com or dropped off at the office, 114 E. Broadway Ave. Include your name and contact information in case the Master Gardeners need more information.

For information about the Jefferson County Master Gardeners and how to apply to become a Master Gardener, call the Jefferson County ISU Extension office at 472-4166.

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