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Police investigate rash of tire slashings

By ANDY HALLMAN | Jul 14, 2014

The Fairfield Police Department is investigating a series of tire slashings that occurred earlier this week.

At least four people have reported finding the tires on their car slashed between Monday evening and Wednesday morning, according to the police log at the Jefferson County Law Center. On Tuesday, someone reported two tires slashed in the 700 block of South Second Street. One person reported Wednesday they discovered their car’s tires were slashed while it was parked near the intersection of Jackson and South Second Street.

One caller reported Tuesday their tires were slashed. Another stated they decided to report their tires were slashed, too, after hearing about the same thing happening to other people in town.

Fairfield Police Capt. Dave Thomas said the victims of these acts of vandalism appear to have been chosen at random. Unfortunately, he said strings of vandalism of this sort happen about three or four times every year.

“It’s usually a group of juveniles who take their frustrations out on tires or mailboxes,” he said. “It always seems to be a group of young guys who do this.”

Thomas said the perpetrators are hard to catch because they usually commit their acts of crime in the middle of the night.

“It’s a tough crime to solve right away because there are rarely witnesses,” he said. “We usually solve them by talking to our informants or other people. The [perpetrators] like to brag about what they’ve done, and we hear about it later on.”

Thomas said he has been asked about whether the tire slashings occurred while officers were called away to the Tribune building Tuesday afternoon because it was in danger of collapse. He hasn’t gone through the call records yet to determine if that was the case, although he said the criminals would have to be awfully brazen to commit such acts in broad daylight.

“Our investigator is looking into it, and he’ll talk to the other officers to establish if there was a pattern [to the vandalism],” Thomas said.

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