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Police report

Aug 08, 2014

The Fairfield Police Deaprtment reports the following calls and incidents logged at dispatch:



A caller advised that he hit a parked pickup truck with his semi. Caller told officers that he left his information on the truck’s windshield. The owner of the pickup truck called in and reported the accident as well. According to the report, the pickup was legally parked in the 400 block of North Sixth Street. The driver appears to have turned the corner too close, swiping the rear-upper driver’s-side of the pick-up. Officers attempted to contact semi driver. Approximately $1,500 in damages were incurred.

After a parole officer reported him, Aaron Wessels-Penn was arrested on warrants for probation and parole violation as well as an original warrant for possession charges with intent to deliver marijuana.

A caller reported vandalism at a church. Caller said two boys, one wearing blue jeans and a white shirt and the other wearing blue jeans and a black shirt, along with a girl wearing a multi-colored shirt with yellow sleeves broke a window at the church. The group of youths appeared to be between the ages of 10 and 15-years-old.

Officers stopped a vehicle with no plates. They discovered that Mason Simmons was driving with a suspended license and no SR22 on file. Simmons told officers that he was working on getting his fines paid. After issuing him a citation for driving under suspension, he was warned about the SR22 and that he would go to jail the next time he was seen driving.

A female caller advised that she was almost run over by a male subject in a dark-blue SUV. The male subject advised caller that he did not try to hit her intentionally as he was only attempting to park his vehicle. Male subject said caller got out and began to curse at him. Male subject told officers that he had three children in the vehicle with him at the time of the altercation. He said two of them were old enough to explain what happened.


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