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Police Report

Sep 04, 2014

The Fairfield Police Department reports the following calls and incidents logged at dispatch:



A female driving a white Toyota Camry drove off without paying after pumping gas at University BP on North Second Street. Officers made contact with the subject’s spouse and were told that subject was teaching at Maharishi University of Management at the time. The spouse said he would take care of the $46.29 owed to the gas station. Officers advised University BP to contact them if there were any further issues.

A caller advised that a FedEx driver told her that a former employee whom she had fired told the driver that the former employee told him that the subject had better watch her back because “she has something coming.” Officers attempted to make contact with the former employee to discuss the matter, but were unsuccessful.

A caller advised that a maroon full-suspension mountain bicycle has been parked in front of her house for four days. Officers advised that they would not retrieve the bike, however, they would record the information in case someone called in about it. Caller was advised that she could turn the bike over for impound.

A caller advised that two men parked in a white truck were drinking in a parking lot when one of them got out and “checked her out.” The caller reported one of the men looked like he was holding a beer bottle. Caller told officers that she had never seen the car there before and she was concerned. When officers arrived at the scene they discovered whom the truck belonged to and that the owner was on probation. Officers were unaware of where the subjects went. No alcohol was found in the vehicle.


A caller reported that he stopped to ask a white male if he needed help. The caller reported that the man seemed angry and he had no shirt on. He also had several visible tattoos. Caller said subject didn’t appear to be “in his right mind” as he said he would “kill cops” if he saw them. Officers checked the area.

Christopher Kenly of Fairfield was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Officers also cited Kenly for speeding.

Paul Clawson was arrested on a Keokuk County warrant.

A caller reported that someone who had been harassing him for three weeks called him and threatened to beat him up. He said the caller was at his residence with a crowbar. Caller told police that he would defend himself with a knife if necessary. Officers were dispatched to the scene immediately to maintain peace.



A caller advised that her boyfriend, whom she didn’t want in her apartment, broke in, pushed her and injured her back. She reported that he also repeatedly kicked her cat. He took her window unit and left the premises. When officers arrived, the subject decided not to press charges and she refused emergency assistance. Officers maintained the peace as the male subject retrieved his belongings from the property.

Joshua Meth of Fairfield was arrested on a warrant. At the time of his arrest, officers also discovered methamphetamine in his clothing. He was charged with possession with intent to deliver less than 5 grams of methamphetamine.

A driver travelling eastbound on U.S. Highway 34/163 near Packwood Road struck a deer in the roadway. No injuries were reported, however, $2,500 in damages were incurred.

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