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Jul 30, 2014

The Fairfield Police Department reports the following calls and incidents logged at dispatch:


A caller advised that there are five bikes behind his business. He wasn’t certain if they were stolen or not. Caller was directed to bring them to the police station for impound.

A caller advised that her former daughter-in-law brought her grandchild to her home for a visitation and then picked the child up early due to a verbal altercation she had with the caller’s son. Subject then sped out of the driveway throwing rocks in the yard. Caller was concerned as there were children and kittens in the yard. She also reported the subject had one of her cats and refused to return it. Subject told authorities the cat jumped into her car while she was at the caller’s house July 4. Subject said she didn’t realize the cat was in her vehicle until it jumped out of the car after she arrived home. She said she texted her ex-husband to tell his mother what happened. Police saw the text, but did not observe the cat on the premises.

A caller advised that an unidentified black female in a red sports utility vehicle was in the middle of the street putting what caller described as “tubs” in the roadway. While caller was on the line with authorities, the woman got back in the vehicle, drove forward and then backed up.

A caller advised that a black pit bull was chained in front of a house behind Everybody’s Whole Foods. Caller said the dog didn’t appear to have any food, water or shade.


A caller advised that her vehicle was stolen. Jada Gervaise left her truck parked in front of 2nd Street Coffee House while she went to Top of the Rock Restaurant. When she returned, her vehicle was missing. While she spoke with officers, her truck was located. The male subject, who was later identified as Paul Clawson, ran from the vehicle and into the woods. Clawson was later found at a house in Richmond. Officers surrounded the home and talked him out of the house via cell phone. Clawson was arrested on the scene.

A caller advised that teens were “tearing stuff up” as they rode motorcycles up and down an alleyway.

A caller advised that he was being stalked on FaceBook and he wanted to make a formal complaint.

A female subject went into the police station to file a complaint against a man she met online that had been sending her naked pictures of himself. She was advised to block subject’s phone number and to notify police if the problem persisted.


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