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Posted gun-free zones prevent nothing

By Jim Morrow | Jan 31, 2013

To the editor:

Dear Jefferson County Supervisors Lee Dimmit, Dick Reed and Becky Schmitz; Sheriff Gregg Morton, State Senator Mark Chelgren; and State Representative Curt Hanson,

Representative Tom Shaw, himself a lawman in his hometown of Laurens, Iowa, is sponsoring a bill in the Iowa House, the Iowa Safe Schools Act of 2013. Senator Kent Sorenson has agreed to sponsor a companion bill in the Iowa Senate. Presently it is a Class D felony in Iowa for law abiding citizens — teachers, administrators, and janitors with concealed carry permits — to have their weapons on school and other public grounds. This is insane! All of the recent mass murders at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut, the theater in Aurora, Colorado, the mall in Portland, Oregon, and the church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, took place in posted gun-free zones! The killers either couldn’t read, or more likely, having already violated numerous existing laws by the time they got to the sign, they simply did not care, and probably chuckled with assurance that they would meet no armed resistance in their murderous mayhem.

A single armed and trained, law abiding citizen in each of these locations could have prevented these horrific tragedies, if they were not handcuffed by federal and corresponding state laws. We must end these killing zones our schools, libraries and court houses have become. Tom Shaw’s bill will do that and I encourage everyone to write their own e-mails to their representatives demanding they support Representative Shaw’s Act.

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