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Pot legalization disconcerting

By Sherrie A. Benedict | Dec 20, 2012

To the editor:

I have concerns on the issue of marijuana being legalized. If marijuana were legalized, it could cause several things to happen. One big concern is that drug use by mentally ill people can cause severe mood swings, such as paranoia, anger, depression, homicidal tendencies, and suicidal tendencies. I have witnesses these things happen with friends from my past while using marijuana. It’s sad, but true!

I have recently talked to a source that was not willing to air my story due to one big factor on this topic. The problem someone would have not to fight to keep marijuana illegal, is due to the big factor across our country of deaths caused by drinking and prescription medication overdose. The source had said, “If we were to try and fight to keep marijuana illegal, then I think they should illegalize alcohol and prescription medication that are considered narcotics.” Then they said, “Why fight against it when one of our biggest issues lately across our country is suicide by overdose with prescription medication?”

I do have to agree with that question. We all know it’s silly to think the government would ever illegalize alcohol or narcotic prescription medication, even though they are two major factors of deaths across our country. But even so, wouldn’t it be crazy for our government to legalize another substance that can cause death in our country? There’s not much they care to do about the other two main causes of death, but wouldn’t it be nice to know if we all can work together on fighting marijuana use that we could save more lives and keep more tragedies from happening in our country?

I know that some of you out there are thinking right now as you read this. You’re hoping it is legalized so you can smoke freely without worrying about getting into trouble for it. But if you think about it, we all know what it can cause our minds to do while under the influence. And we all know there are a lot of people across the country that suffer from mental illnesses. A lot of those illnesses are paranoia-related illnesses, depression, outrage and anger, and thoughts of suicide!

“Hello?” Is that not what a lot of people under the influence experience while high? Then why make it possible for those people to suffer worse than they already are? Why legalize a substance that can cause these things to happen? Imagine mentally ill patients high on marijuana! It will cause their illnesses to become worse. Then we will start to hear of more accidents caused by people under the influence then those under the influence of alcohol or medication. Why create another catastrophe across our country when there are already too many issues now?

I’m just one person; one voice that’s trying to help make a difference in our world! I took my own private toll on how many people think it should be legalized and how many think it shouldn’t be, and out of 10 people I asked, five answered “No!,” three answered “Yes!,” one answered “Only for medical reasons,” and one answered “It don’t matter to me!”

So everyone out there that may be reading this right now, if you agree to no it shouldn’t be, then let your voices be heard! If you agree it should be, let your voice be heard also, but please take to heart the things that marijuana use can do to our country and people!


— Sherrie A. Benedict, Fairfield

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